What we do


Role play, also known as Skills Practice, is arguably experiential learning with the greatest emotional and intellectual significance in workplace training.


80% of training goes live when participants walk back into the work place. That’s akin to passing a driving test by learning all the theory behind driving a car, without ever having actually got behind the wheel.


We say: Don't use your clients as your crash test dummies. Use us!


Greenwood Coaching is committed to combining highly interactive and participative learning techniques with cutting edge theory taken from the latest research in the fields of Neuroscience, Thought Leadership, Relationship Awareness Theory and Skills Practice.


If your training messages and theory are not being absorbed by every participant, if you are not seeing expected or sustained results after the delivery your training programmes, or if your training investment is not being realised, we’re here to help!


Why it works


Role Play is an essential component for embedding learning. It allows participants to physically experience putting the theory into practice, thereby creating a personal and emotional attachment to the subject matter. Within the context of the training they create different positive outcomes to recurring problems or ‘stuck’ behaviours.


By working with specialist actors, observing and taking part in Forum Theatre  and one to one role play, participants begin to understand how positive outcomes can be achieved. They instantly gain insights into their own situation or consequences of behaviour. We create an environment that gives them confidence to change or modify their own approach in the long term.


How we work with you


We’ll come on board to enhance your existing training offering or create from scratch tailor-made programmes covering a wide range of topics from Customer Service and Management Development to Presentation Skills, Recruitment and Sales techniques.  Whatever the remit we'll work closely with you to bring life and embed the intentions of your training programmes.


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