The Plastic Brain.


The image we use as our logo is a high resolution MRI scan of a brain.


What you are looking at are millions of neural threads contained within a brain. They are the pathways to our ‘default’ thinking and become hardwired and permanent over time.


To create change in our behaviour, we first have to change how we think. “But how?” I hear you shout. “You’ve just got through telling me my brain is hardwired and can’t be undone”.  This is true. However, the brain is plastic. We can use this plasticity (link to article) to build new neural pathways. We do this by refocusing our attention and continually reinforcing that focus with aligned actions. We use these new neural pathways as our default thinking, allowing us to change our perceptions, outlook, personal and business relationships and even behaviour. Easy peasy!


Or rather, we make it easier. Working with our coaches speeds up the process by keeping you focussed in the right direction, on track and accountable. Our Coaching Maps (link to generic map) provide a colourful, visual aid that adds clarity and transparency to your or your teams’ goals and objectives.


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If you are interested in finding out more about brain based coaching, download Melissa’s published article, or go to our Resources page ‘good reads’